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Smart Motorization

The ultimate in convenience.

Smart motorization allows you to control and operate hard-to-reach and oversized window shades and drapes with the swipe of a finger on your smart device. Connected with your home automation system via the internet, you can be virtually anywhere (in the world), opening or closing your shades at home. This can mean more privacy and security for your family. Choose from a variety of other control options, such as timers, wireless wall switches and hand-held remotes, whatever works best for you. We show you how to program “scenes”, so your window treatments operate automatically at pre-selected times. Smart shades can be battery-operated, hardwired, or plugged into a DC power supply. Imagine waking up to the gentle movement of your bedroom draperies or shadings opening quietly and allowing in the morning sun. Did we say, we offer quiet and ultra-quiet motors?