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Marlys Wiegand, Interior Designer Allied ASID

Raised in the peaceful Midwest, Marlys caught her love for decorating, fine arts, and nature at an early age. After graduating with a BA in interior design, she moved to the Southwest, then to the Pacific Northwest. Once here, she started Adrette Designs with her husband, Jens, with the goal to assist homeowners and designers with exquisite, locally made custom draperies and fabric specialties. For Marlys, listening is key to helping clients achieve their dream home. When she is not designing window fashions or searching for the perfect textiles, she likes to grow delicious tomatoes, veggies, and berries in her garden, and she loves to fish, hike, and camp in the Northwest’s great outdoors. That’s where she recharges her creative energy and her zest for life.

Jens “Jesse” Wiegand, Service & Support

While Jens grew up in a European family surrounded by textiles, fashion, and design, he followed his dream to become a professional pilot and flight instructor in North America. When he met Marlys and they fell in love, they started a new chapter together. At Adrette, he manages operations to make sure everything happens in a timely fashion. Jens firmly believes everyone deserves a clean, natural environment for living and sleeping. He is an advanced student of Building Biology, the art & science of creating healthy indoor environments. Jens is also passionate about building intentional communities, growing biodynamic food, hiking in nature, and spending time with Marlys, friends, and family.

 We look forward to helping you, wherever you live.