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New customers often ask us about our favorite drapery and shade products, and we love to share these with you from time to time. Currently, one of our most popular window shades is called Vignette®, from the Hunter Douglas Collection.

Vignettes have many great features, and what especially speaks to our clients is their beautiful clean look as they are viewed from the exterior. They do not rely on exposed rear cords, providing visual simplicity and enhanced child safety.

Product Specifications

These are Modern Roman shades which come in two pleat styles.  One style is more traditional with 4” full folds.  The other style has 6” flat folds, presenting a more contemporary design. Both Vignette styles have individual operating systems.

We hear rave reviews from clients who are enjoying the 4” full fold with a tiered stacking design.  It lifts and folds very neatly when raised or lowered.  Additional options include the top down/bottom up lift system and motorization for ease of use and convenience. 

These shades are particularly beneficial for windows that are difficult to reach or awkwardly placed. For example, widows over a tub or kitchen sink, at street level or the side of homes built very close together.  When the top portion of the shade is open (down), it allows a view outside, and while the bottom of the Vignette® is closed (up), it offers full privacy.

Flat fold shade

My Favorite Shades

Of the many Vignette choices, the Duolite 6” Flat Fold shade is definitely my personal favorite! It features a dual opacity system, a rolling flat fold sheer shade, plus a room darkening back panel, all in one headrail. This product offers the beautiful symmetry of clean lines alongside practical solutions for privacy and light filtration.

Leela shades for sun protection

Another product we love is the most recent addition to the Hunter Douglas collection: a sheer linen fabric with clean contemporary lines called “Leela”.  When the sheer is in the down position, it softens the room by filtering the harsh sun. With a push of the remote control, a room-darkening fabric panel unwinds behind the sheer, creating a peaceful space for sleep. Vignette Duolite shades come standard with motorization and the PowerView system, which is easy to program and use.

Modern Roman Shades

The wonderful thing about Vignette shades is how versatile they are. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, they blend effortlessly and can be customized in size and color to fit your personal style. Please get in touch if you are interested in a complimentary consultation to learn more about this product!