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Fabric Specialists and Real Artisans at Work

Over the years, Adrette has hand-selected our suppliers who provide the very best designer fabrics, trims, and drapery hardware, as well as our artisans and fabricators who apply premier craftsmanship to create stunning pieces of art.

We recommend only the most suitable textiles for your application, stable fabrics from quality sources that will drape and perform well for years to come. You may even select fibers that were grown sustainably, without the use of chemicals or pesticides, then made into certified organic fabrics for truly healthy living environments.

Adrette’s seamstresses have decades of experience creating custom draperies and shades, bedding, cushions, and pillows. They understand the characteristics of each material, how the textures and weights interact, and how to cut fabrics so that they will hang properly. This emphasis on consistency and quality in Adrette’s custom fabrication process usually requires many steps of hand stitching, tacking or basting – we call this our tailoring process – until your custom creations are just perfect.

We are committed to providing you with the finest quality products, whether it is custom finished hardware, hand-painted motifs on fabric, or hand-carved drapery poles. Our artisans will create something unique and beautiful for you, right here in the USA.

Call Marlys or Jens with any questions and schedule an in-home design consultation.

Biological Homes

At Adrette, we believe in the right to eco-friendly options Whether or not organic fabric is important to you, we like to offer choices to all of our clients. We also believe in making the best quality products that you can enjoy for many years. This can often involve...

Chain Link Drapes

Chain link drapes are a really fun product that I’ve had the opportunity to use in several of our clients' homes. These woven metal fabric panels are a great look for a residential or a commercial setting, offering a clean contemporary, industrial look. They remind me...

Fine Custom vs. Others

Custom-made by artisans. You can tell the difference. Fine custom means that we come to your home and measure your windows, listen to what you want to achieve and arrive at several options that fit your individual needs. When we’re finished creating your project, we...

Fabric Adds Interest to a Cozy New Home in Portland

A Loyal, Long-Time Customer, Debbie, called one day to inform me that she and her husband were planning to move into a smaller home, which would allow for more time with their grandchildren. Debbie’s first request was to move the draperies that we had designed for...

The Perfect Sheers for a Homey Retreat

Many years ago, Joyce bought a condo in downtown Portland while living in a smaller university town where her husband worked. Joyce stayed in the condo regularly to be closer to friends and her work. Now that they are both retired, they use the space to escape on...