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Adrette wants to assist you to maintain your fine fabrics, as they are an important investment in your home. Please feel free to read through our Care and Cleaning Tips.

You may also contact Jeff Berkowitz at ON-SITE FABRICARE at 1-800-811-9367 to locate the nearest On-Site trained and certified fabric care specialist in your area. These independent specialists usually perform ‘injection/extraction’ cleaning services in your home.

We feel, it could also be beneficial to consult with a local fabric care professional you trust.

Draperies, Bedding, Upholstery 

Q: What qualifications do you have to give fabric care and cleaning tips?

A: Our tips are meant as a starting point for the homeowner to become more informed about how to properly care for fine fabrics. We encourage you to ask questions before you entrust your custom draperies, shades, or fabric creations to a cleaning professional. Although Adrette no longer offers cleaning services, Jens was an On-Site trained and certified technician and has over 8 years of hands-on fabric cleaning experience. We believe in the convenient and effective ‘injection/extraction’ on-site cleaning process, when utilized properly by a trained fabric cleaning specialist.

Q: Can you please explain the difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning fabrics?

A: When dry cleaning, a water-less solvent is used to prevent shrinkage of the fabric (e.g. cotton). Wet cleaning involves a water-based cleaning solution when shrinkage of the fabric is normally not an issue (e.g. polyester). Generally, one can clean with more heat and achieve better results using water-based cleaning solutions. A professional cleaner will also consider colorfastness and other fabric-related issues.

Q: Is it true that Hunter Douglas recommends the injection/extraction on-site cleaning process for their fabric shades?

A: Injection/extraction cleaning is one of the recommended methods for many of the Hunter Douglas fabric products. An important question is: Can the shades be wet cleaned (water), or do they have to be dry-cleaned (no water)? If in doubt, ask your Hunter Douglas dealer to check the current Reference Guide for the appropriate cleaning process.

Q: Should we take our Hunter Douglas Luminette sheers down to protect them from paint splashes when we have our interior walls painted?

A: That’s a great idea, since it is often impossible to completely remove paint stains from fabrics! Proper handling of Luminette sheers is very important, or they may show permanent wrinkles and puckers. Find an experienced drapery installer who can assist you. Consider storing your Luminette on a cardboard roll, like the one it came on, so that the sheers do not get wrinkled or creased.

Q: How often should we have our draperies and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned?

A: The frequency depends on your lifestyle. If you want to maintain your investment, you should gently vacuum your fabrics at least monthly with a soft brush attachment. Have your drapery fabrics cleaned by a professional every 3 years and your upholstery fabrics every 18 months. Remember, fabric coverings also act as air filters, so don’t wait until they look dingy.

Q: We purchased custom draperies and fabric shades last year and would like to find a qualified cleaner to maintain them in our home. Any suggestions?

A: You may want to consider the gentle injection/extraction cleaning method, in case you have a certified on-site cleaner in your area. These independent fabric care specialists go through training and re-certification every 2 years. Ask for references and for a pre-cleaning inspection in your home.

Q: We inherited lined silk drapery panels that are beautiful and have been very well cared for, but the fabric seems to be a bit fragile. Is it still safe to have them cleaned?

A: That’s hard to determine without seeing the panels. The injection/extraction cleaning method is very gentle and was designed for fragile fabrics, and the cleaning can usually be done right in your home. The cleaning specialist should inspect your drapery panels to determine if they can be cleaned safely.

Q: Do you recommend protecting fabrics with a fabric protector, and how often should it be re-applied?

A: To repel spills and to make cleaning easier we recommend the application of a high-quality fabric protector to newly upholstered furniture. Any fabric protector will eventually wear off and should be re-applied after cleaning the item, approximately every 18 months, in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to follow the application instructions or have a professional cleaner take care of this for you.

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