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A Loyal Customer

A long-time customer, Debbie, called
one day to inform me that she and her husband were planning to move into a
smaller home, which would allow for more time with their grandchildren. Debbie’s
first request was to move the draperies that we had designed for them more than
18 years ago to the new house, because she still loved them.

However, after meeting at the new construction site, we agreed that the previous draperies would be best left behind. Since their new home is more traditional than the previous one, we started looking at new window treatment options. 


A Drapery Challenge

Debbie knew that, down the road, she
would be selecting new furniture for the living room and family room. The
drapery choices would have to work with future furniture, which didn’t yet

She also knew she wanted to start with
the most important element: shades for privacy and sun protection.  As in her previous home, Debbie planned to
eventually to soften each window with drapery panels, but wanted to wait to
choose these until the rest of the home came together.  She decided to do the window coverings in
stages, which we assured her would be a great solution.

Adrette Finds Design Solutions

We began with shades. For the living
room and dining room, Debbie found the perfect weave in our handwoven
collection. These shades are crafted by artisans from reeds and grasses, and
customized to fit the window size with perfectly finished edges.  Debbie loved how light and airy they are and
how minimal their “stack,” is (the amount of space they take up when

When these shades are down, they block
any view of the inside, but they allow light to filter in, and you can still
see outside. Another benefit is that they offer sun protection for he home,
preventing UV-rays from fading hardwood floors and furnishings.

After our installation, Debbie and her
husband lived with the shades alone for some time. Several months later, she
called me to discuss the addition of decorative side panels. We decided to
preserve the ambiance of the handwoven shades by installing these side panels
in a neutral color.

We choose three complementary fabrics
in gray tones, and incorporated them using dressmaker details in the elegant
draperies. The top of each drapery panel is a textured sheer, the skirt is a
classic damask, and we used solid silk for a small flange between the two
fabrics, as well as our mini inverted pleats.

The couple wanted a more linear feel
for the hardware, so we selected this excellent square rod with rectangular

Side Panels for the Family Room

In this room, the focal point is the
view into the handsomely landscaped back yard. 
Not wanting to lose any of the outdoor scene, we added stationary side
panels to frame it.  We found this
perfect metallic open weave fabric and went with an inverted pleat. At night,
Debbie’s illuminated landscape is still visible; however, the lovely drapery
panels frame it beautifully.

For continuity, the same hardware was
used here as in the living and dining room.

Though the shades were selected and
installed well ahead of the draperies, we were able to choose fun and unique
drapery styles for all the rooms.  Debbie
understood that if we stayed more neutral and worked with her wall color, it
would give her more choices when the time came to select the furniture for
those rooms.

If you are moving soon and looking for window coverings for your new space, please get in touch! We offer a free consultation to discuss the window furnishings that will best compliment your home by affording you ample luminosity and privacy.