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When I met Sue-Lynn, she and her husband, Tom, had just moved into a new townhouse. Their new home is more contemporary than their previous one, so they decided to purchase several new pieces of furniture and incorporate some of their existing favorites.

Sue-Lynn has a very busy work schedule, and she knew she needed professional help decorating their new home. Tom’s mother recommended Adrette Window Coverings.

While listening to Sue-Lynn on our first phone conversation, I quickly understood that they wanted a chic, contemporary look for this new home. During our first meeting, she described the elegant ambiance that they envisioned in the master bedroom and the dining room. As their neighbors are quite close, they also wanted their window treatments throughout the home to provide additional privacy.

Master Bedroom

Sue-Lynn and Tom had already placed a new upholstered bed and a baby grand piano in the master bedroom. They’d also installed a lovely crystal chandelier over the piano, which is directly in front of a large window. Sue-Lynn wanted sheer panels to diffuse the late afternoon sun, offer privacy, and filter out the view of neighboring houses.

In addition to sheers, she chose lined draperies to cut out the early morning light, and we found a handsome faux silk in the perfect gray tone that tied it all together. Inverted pleats for the drapery header with special detailing retain fullness when drawn and allow the drapery to flow gracefully. For hardware, we selected chrome rods with crystal ball finials to complement the chandelier.

Main Living Space

For the living room, we selected Silhouette shadings with 4” wide vanes to complement the contemporary rug, accent pillows, and fur-covered stools.

We wanted continuity for the dining room and used the same sheer fabric as in the master bedroom. To create and elegant drapery panel, we found a subdued textured fabric in steel gray tones. The color marries beautifully with the fun accent pillows in the living room and the gray hexagon tile backsplash in the kitchen. For drapery hardware, we selected a track with a high-tech feel in stainless steel.


When you walk into this home now, the dining room draws you in, and the draperies act as a beautiful backdrop. They also soften the hard surfaces that surround it and absorb sound. In the living room, a warming fire encourages lingering with a good book or good friends, and the shades provide just enough privacy and light control. The master bedroom is now a proper respite from the outside world, and it feels modern and elegant, while still soft and restful.

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