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Choose quality American-made solar shades from Insolroll that block the sun, not your view.

Insolroll® Window Shading Systems INTERIOR ROLLER SHADES, a timeless window treatment, are available in a wide range of solar screen, blackout, and decorative translucent fabric styles. Residential Solar Shades make your home more comfortable, decreasing both heat and glare while maintaining a view of the great outdoors. They also reduce cooling costs and can be used alone or layered with draperies or valances. Insolroll shades protect valuable furnishings and interior finishes, including flooring, rugs, walls and artwork, that’s why we love this product!
In the workplace, Solar Screen Shades go far beyond heat and glare control. They keep staff connected to the outside surroundings, which has been shown to increase productivity and create a sense of well-being. Solar shades are versatile, will enhance retail or hospitality spaces, cut glare on computer screens in offices, and encourage healing in medical practices & hospitals.
Oasis® Patio Sun Shades EXTERIOR SOLAR SCREEN SHADES stop heat and UV rays very effectively, before the sun energy can enter through the window. Perfect for more than just patios, they add on-demand comfort to any outdoor space, porch or balcony by reducing the bright glare of the mid-day sun. If you’re like us, you probably love spending summer afternoons outdoors on your deck, up until you are attacked by wasps or eaten alive by mosquitos or flies. Enough of that! Now, you don’t have to share your dessert anymore! Oasis® solar insect shades screen out bugs with their 4-sided seal.
Best of all, Insolroll makes these shades up to 19 feet wide – that’s huge! We are thrilled to show and explain to you manual and motorized control options to fit your lifestyle. Seamless integration with existing home automation systems makes these  shades very convenient. The side track system captures a zipper welded to the fabric edge, keeping the fabric taut and minimizing movement due to wind and the elements. Choose from high performance metallized solar fabrics, such as SilverScreen and PVC-free EnviroScreen, all are very effective against heat & glare and still have excellent view-through. Increased energy efficiency pays off over the long term, and our Planet will thank us for reducing our carbon footprint.

What you can expect from Insolroll products

Solar & Insect Protection for Patios & Windows, available with 4-sided seal

  • welded fabric edges & heavy-duty aluminum hem bar → increased durability
  • solar screen → glare protection, plus insect screenbug & golf ball protection
  • weather resistant fabrics → protect furnishings from the elements
  • choice of heavy-duty cable guide or track guide system → help secure the fabric
  • side track system, SHY Zip, captures zipper welded to fabric edge → keeping fabric taut and minimizes movement due to wind and elements

Many fabric choices to meet design & performance needs make the selection easier

  • wide range of color, texture and weave pattern choices
  • wide range of solar screen fabric densities/opacities
  • translucent privacy fabric
  • water resistant and waterproof fabric
Our experienced, friendly window treatment specialists are happy to help you make the right shading decision. We will gladly tell you why Insolroll builds better sun screen shades.

Call Marlys or Jens at Adrette today at 503-675-7750 for an in-home design consultation and let us take care of your solar screen needs.  

If you don’t have a screened in outdoor space yet but are considering one, we can help you by recommending a trustworthy local contractor who can build it for you!

At Adrette, we understand that each home and business is unique. We offer window covering options from a wide spectrum of custom colors, sizes, materials, opacities to serve your individual needs. Browse our gallery to see our best work and envision the transforming effect new blinds, shades or plantation shutters would have on your living space.

For more on how Insolroll’s solar screen shades work, visit: https://insolroll.com/how-solar-screen-shades-work/