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Adrette Designs can do the legwork so you won’t have to.
We take care of your client’s custom window treatments, bed coverings, and other fabric specialties for you, and we oversee the job to make sure your clients are satisfied. And, you get all the credit!

Working with Architects, Designers, Builders, and Remodelers.
Adrette is a valuable and credible partner to have on your team. Our experienced window fashion designer works with you and your client to create the perfect treatments for their custom home or office.

We can also help you integrate motorized window shades and draperies with home automation systems. Remember to contact us early in the construction or remodeling process when it is still easy to incorporate the necessary electrical wiring.

Making you look good.
You decide how much you want to be involved in the design and selection process. We can provide just a few design ideas, or rooms full of beautiful window coverings and styles your client will love!

It’s easy – with our attention to detail.
Adrette’s convenient design service makes it easy for you to incorporate fabrics, styles and design solutions that fit within the budget. We take notes and measurements, suggest preliminary designs and quality products, and we review the whole project with you to make sure we understand your client’s needs and desires.

Sit back, relax.
Adrette orders all needed fabrics and materials, and we oversee the fabrication by our talented local artisans and craftswomen. Finally, at the installation we make sure that everything is going as planned, the new custom window fashions look just the way they were designed to look, and your customer is satisfied.

We at Adrette Designs are passionate about creating beautiful homes, and we think you’ll appreciate the quality and personal service we can provide to make your job easier.

Biological Homes

At Adrette, we believe “longevity is sustainability” in all aspects of life.   We offer you choices – whether you want “green fabrics” or not, and we believe in making the best quality products that you can enjoy for many years. Our custom window coverings are...

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Fine Custom vs. Others

Custom-made by artisans. You can tell the difference. Fine custom means that we come to your home and measure your windows, listen to what you want to achieve and arrive at several options that fit your individual needs. When we’re finished creating your project, we...

Ceiling-To-Floor Draperies for a High-Rise Condo

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